Friday, October 29, 2010

stop sign, schmop sign

Moving to Germany and traveling throughout Europe, I noticed (over and over again) the use of traffic circles and/or round-abouts and the minimal usage of STOP signs (the town I live in has ONE, yes only one, stop sign and it was added only a year ago at a blind turn). While the Europeans use lots of YIELD signs, they also use traffic circles/round-abouts at most intersections and they are fabulous, not to mention you RARELY EVER see traffic accidents.

After driving in America once again (at these ridiculously slow speed limits - oh Autobahn, how I miss you so), I have noticed the lack of traffic circles/round-abouts while at the same time, noticing the extreme amount of traffic accidents. Coincidence? I think not. Want proof? Read the article below.

Round-abouts are newsworthy: - Ann Arbor's addition of roundabouts prove that they work, successfully minimizing traffic accidents and improving safety. Why is America the only country not using round-abouts?!

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