Monday, March 14, 2011

4 months down, 2 months to go

Yesterday, I started feeling nostalgic. I don't know if it was talking with my German neighbors on Skype or getting Alex's predicted date of return (MAY 25th!!!!!! ahhh!!!), but either way, I am missing Germany, my husband, sitting on the porch and enjoying the sun and German wine, cooking dinner every night with A while listening to Frank, traveling 2/4 weekends a month, planning our upcoming trips, having house guests/travel buddies, walking the dogs through the vineyards, practicing my German, and more. I CANNOT WAIT to start planning our upcoming travels, starting end of May/beginning of June! Summer in Germany is just perfect - with it staying light out until 11pm, the perfect/not-hot window open kind of weather, and lack of mosquitoes! A and I will be there together again, 2 months, 10-ish days. Hallelujah.

Passing the Porta Nigra to go to German class

Bernkasel, my favorite little German city

Cosa Nova!

Seeing the world/Good travels with Good friends


my picnic spot/the view/the vines/Kasel

biking to Blesius for beer with friends

my husband

my German neighbors

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