Monday, April 16, 2012


Happy Easter from Boston and Riva!

Easter Brunch at Louisiana with friends

The neighborhood kids walked around with these wood boxes all weekend over Easter. They had a handle that they turned that made a crazy, loud crackling noise. They would all turn in unison, then chant something, turn, chant. They did this ALLLLL weekend. It started at 5am on Friday morning and ran through Monday. It was a pretty neat tradition I think. The neighborhood kids really loved it and it gave them something to do all weekend!

Happy Easter

The day before, I was happy to distract myself and go wine shopping and Ikea shopping with a friend! It was a success - purchased wine and Speculoos AND got my mind off my impending defense.

And FINALLY, Defense day. Man, was I nervous!

Neighbors are constantly coming over during the day.. one of the things I like about living here. However, I could not risk it while I was defending!

Hail storm before and during my defense.

Hail storm before and during my defense.

After, we went out with friends to a winery in the area we hadn't tried. What a choice! The place was set up beautifully, the owners extremely nice, the wine and food delicious! We have never had German red wine that we've loved, but Longen-Schloder taught us otherwise. They had an awesome Cab-Merlot mix, which will now be added to our collection!

My vegetarian pine nut wild garlic quiche - yummm!

Wine Tasting at Longen-Schloeder - Creamy Mushroom Soup - to die for!

Wine Tasting at Longen-Schloeder - A's pork steak which he said was delicious!

Friday dinner pregame. I know, this is disgusting, but oh so German. We were going out to dinner with our friends to celebrate more (!) and decided to stop at the grocery to have some pommes because we hadn't had any in a while. Yes, we went to the grocery store for this. Here's the thing - the Germans are smart! Outside of the grocery stores, there are beer tents or Imbisses set up that sell drinks and food. EVERY time we go to the store, no matter the time of day, these places are SLAMMED! People are there hanging out. The only conclusion that we can come up with is the men sit out here and eat and drink while the women shop.

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