Thursday, June 1, 2017

Wellfleet, MA - Farmer's Market Series

Since leaving Baltimore, I have been on the hunt for a solid weekly farmer's market on Cape. Baltimore's was huge. It was not my very favorite because it was so very busy (there was a line at EVERY stall, no space for strollers, always touching people, etc.), but it did have everything you could ever need. With last summer being our first summer and not knowing the area at all, I went to very few farmer's markets -- actually I think we only went to Cape Cod Beer's Happy Hour Farmer's Market on Friday nights. But this summer is different. I'm on a mission to go hit every single Cape Cod Farmer's Market and find my fav. First up, Wellfleet.

Yesterday we drove to Wellfleet for their farmer's market. Wellfleet has aaaah-mazingggg oysters... and beaches, but really I haven't explored much beyond that. Since it's the start of busy season here, I thought a Wednesday market might be a good place to begun (avoiding traffic!). And that much was true. The market itself was super easy to get to, right in the middle of town, with so much available parking (that's a big plus!). It was set behind a church in a huge grassed and shady lot - great setup! They also had live music - so Colton loved it. Unfortunately, as with the Cape Cod Beer Farmer's Market, not much 'farmer' going on. The only veggie/fruit for sale yesterday was rhubarb. There were a few plants for sale, but mainly it sold things like soaps, jams, jellies, shirts. All cute, all fine, but not what I look for in a Farmer's Market.

Since it was a small market, we spend very little time there, so we decided to walk around the cute Main Street area afterward. A few cute shops definitely worth stopping:

Curiouser and Curiouser - adorable little shop with some great finds - really nice owner!
JS Gallery - beautiful art and furniture.

AVOID Laxmi Gallery in Wellfleet at all costs. It has such a prime location and is very cute on the outside, but the lady who runs it is SO very rude. After having such a terrible encounter, I googled the owner and her shop. It was indeed the owner who was so rude and she has received some bad press, so apparently I'm not the only one.

In addition to a few cute shops, there are a few markets and restaurants - Wellfleet's Market (grocer), Hatch's Fish Market, and Winslow's Tavern!

market is down hill, behind this church. lots of parking across the street!

dancing to music at the market

strawberry rhubarb deliciousness at Flour Bakery Stall at Wellfleet Farmer's Market

awesome swing at JS

Since we had a trek home and didn't spend as much time as expected, we decided to make a few pit stops on the way home. Randomly, we ran across a 'vegetarian, coffee, and health foods signs' so we stopped. BOL - a coffee shop, acai bowl place -- so, so good. We had some surprisingly decent coffee (rare for this area) and a delicious acai bowl on a sweet porch - a definite surfer/Hawaiian vibe. I'm not impressed with most of the food establishments on Cape, but this place was great! Can't believe I didn't take a picture!

And a final stop at Marconi Beach before the trek home. Funny enough, Colton has been asking about how messages are sent, how phones work, etc. so this a good stop for us... even if he didn't get it yet :)

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