Monday, April 16, 2018

Grand Canyon National Park

Have a lot of these pictures :)

See A down there?!

Sunset at the Grand Canyon

Sunrise at the Grand Canyon

Bright Angel Hike

Last week, we were able to camp at the Grand Canyon so we could see the wonder at all different times during the day. Colton has been obsessed with the idea of camping, so it was perfect. It was warm during the day, but colddddddd cold at night (in the 20s!). I can't imagine going in the summer when it gets hotter. I also can't imagine going in the summer when it gets even busier. The campsite was fully booked, but thankfully didn't feel busy. The parking lots of the viewpoints were full. The lodges were booked. Even the hiking later in the day got busy. It's April! Even so, great trip. And it's like everyone says, pictures really don't do it justice.

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