Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ciao, Venezia

Carnivale night #2
The girls - Kristina, me, Andrea
Carnivale night #1 - with Andrea and Zach
Andrea and I with matching face paint
Canal shot
Grand Canal
Carnivale night #1 - Alex in his doge's costume.

We just got back from an amazing weekend in Venice, Italy, for Carnivale! We heard mixed reviews going there - some LOVING every minute of it, others finding it too crowded. We made up our mind - so much fun! Venice is gorgeous on a normal day, but with all the costumes and festivities, we enjoyed it even more!

We went with two other couples, Zach/Andrea and Kristina/Cal. Andrea and I found a great little apartment online that we rented - perfect! The Italian who rented it to us was named Fabbiano (a typical lady-loving Italian man) and a professional soccer player!

We spent our days sight-seeing, shopping, and eating amazing Italian food (of course Alex had to stop at every place that served any sort of dessert) and our nights dressed-up for some great people watching and more amazing Italian foods! The first night we found a great little wine store and bought some cheeses at the market for our own wine and cheese party, then headed to San Marco square for the shows. The second night we went out for a Italian dinner with great pasta, wine, and bread, the Italian way.

Overall, a fabulous weekend filled with friends, fun, and food:) Venice for Carnivale is a must-see!

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