Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wurm Alert

Today, on our morning walk, Boston had some abnormality (I'll leave the disgusting details're welcome). Unfortunately, she has worms - that is for certain. The vet on base could not fit us in for over a week and to treat her, required a stool sample. Ew. I was worried about her going so long with medicine AND was not thrilled about the stool sample. I decided to take my matter to the Germans.

Went home, googled, “Tierartze Trier,” (animal doctor in Trier) and turns out, there was one only 7km away, a MUCH closer alternative to base. I called, only after looking up how to converse my problem. The tierartze spoke very little English - my extra work came in handy! I got my point across after speaking Gerglish (a conglomeration of English & German) and immediately went in to pick up the meds. No stool sample required – success! After a minor mix-up with Boston’s weight (I always give it in pounds, not kilograms), I learned it is pretty likely Riva has the same thing. I bargained the tierartze down to buy one, get one half off, something I could NEVER have done on base! So, not only did I get an immediate medication, I didn’t have to take Boston in for an appointment (no appointment fee – frei!), didn’t have to drive all the way to base, didn’t have to collect a stool sample OR pay for the testing of it. I am loving the German way more and more everyday.

Living in Blacksburg for forever, it's always been who you know. Here, it's a different story. It's not who you know, it's how much of the German language you know. While my skill-set is minimal at best, a small vocabulary learned mainly from Rosetta Stone and additional pronunciation practice and confidence from my German class, I knew just enough to make it through another German adventure. Keep ‘em coming.

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