Monday, November 15, 2010

i hate delaware

In anticipation of driving to New Jersey one last time before Alex leaves for Afghanistan, can I just share how much I hate the state of Delaware? I have to drive through it on the way to McGuire and on the way from McGuire. You drive in the state for like 5 minutes and wind up paying $10 in tolls. WHAT A WASTE! And then, on top of the money you pay for the (what should be) 5 minutes of driving, you have to face an enormous amount of construction i.e. traffic. Cars back up miles just to go through the toll booth to pay the ridiculous tolls. 5 miles turns into 45 minutes...and then you still have to pay another pocketful of cash to the stingy state of Delaware. Only getting $20 more out of me Delaware, after this trip, never again.

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