Friday, December 3, 2010

Hibernation: Not just for Bears

Ever since returning to Blacksburg, I have been in my own semi-hibernation. Mill Mountain is my forced socialization. Beyond that, I stay at home, make dinner, read, watch TV, cart B&A around, anything/everything but go out in public (beyond the gym). I don't know what it is about explaining to every single regular that walks through the Mill Mountain door about WHY I'm back in Blacksburg that just does it for me/makes me want to stay at home all day and/or night. At least 3x/day since I've been back (2 weeks... who knew there were that many regulars?!) I've had a little conversation that has gone something like this:

Regular: WOW! Where have you been? Long time no see! Is this just a guest appearance?
Me: Hi! Yea, long time no see! I'll be back here working for a few months.
Regular: Oh really?! Why? Where have you been?
Me: (in my head - oh gosh, here we go again). I live in Germany now (trying to give as little information as possible).
Regular: (apparently, that's not enough) Germany? Why? And why are you back?
Me: (finally giving in) My husband is in the AF. He just deployed to Afghanistan so I'm back while he's away.
Regular: OH MY GOSH, I'm SO sorry. And he has to miss the WHOLE HOLIDAY SEASON?! Wow, that really stinks.
Me: (in my head - thank you inspector obvious for rubbing that in ONE MORE TIME because I haven't already thought about that a million times before). Yea, it'll be ok. My family is here. But thanks...(not really, at all).

As you can read, my hibernation is well deserved. Tonight, however, was my first night out on the town.. well, I saw a movie with a friend from highschool and then went home. Baby steps. I can't hibernate the whole time A is away.

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