Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chateau Morrisette

Over the weekend, I planned a girls day to Chateau Morrisette ( Some good girl friends came in from out of town, stayed the weekend, and on Saturday, we went the winery for lunch and a wine tasting. Our lunch reservations were for 11:30, followed by a tasting at 1.

On the website, it says not to follow the GPS directions and to follow their directions instead. Well, I sent myself their directions, but we thought we were smart enough and followed the GPS afterall. MISTAKE. We drove on a dirt road for about 30 minutes and passed sketchy city including creepy old farms that we deemed meth labs. But we got there and said, oh hey, we'll take that paved, double lane road over there home - good idea. But no harm done. We ate (and drank, of course) lunch as planned and it was FABULOUS. We got these awesome mediterranean nachos as an appetizer and of course bread.. And we all tried their fruit wine which was Blacksberry. Deliciousssss!! 2 glasses later, we got lunch. Bhatta and I both had this 'pretzel' sandwich. Doesn't sound fancy, but man, it was so so so good! We hung out for a while, chatting, eating, drinking, etc. and then headed over to the wine part for the tasting. Seeing as the wine we had at lunch was delish, we thought for sure the wine tasting would be good too! Not so much.

The room was beautiful, great atmosphere, but the wine tasting itself was not done very well.. and the wine itself was not very good. There were two tastings going on at the same time at a bar. It was first come first serve. If it was full, you could just walk around, enjoy the view, until they were done. When it was our turn, the lady in charge rushed us through the tasting like she had something better to do. I was told the tasting would take 1-1.5 hours.. trying 20 minutes. 10 wines. 20 minutes. Probably not a great idea.. But that's what we got. We probably could have overlooked the rushed tasting if the wine had been good.. but no, not good (minus the Blackberry wine).

Overall, great weekend. Got to hang out with lots of good friends, eat delicious food, drink, the scenery at Chateau was JUST GORGEOUS (although my favorite part is the little black or yellow lab on all the labels - looks just like Boston and Riva), but I wouldn't recommend going there for a tasting, dining only!

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