Monday, September 12, 2011

Château de Chillon, Switzerland

Starting off our bike tour at Château de Chillon

East side of Château de Chillon - Early in the day

Later in the afternoon, on the bike back to the B&B

West side as the sun goes down

West side of Château de Chillon

Up close at the castle

Château de Chillon is absolutely gorgeous from the outside. The inside I can't speak for. It was a beautiful Saturday and we didn't want to spend a second inside, so we skipped the tour which was 10-12 euros depending on if you got the Montreaux Riviera discount from your hotel/B&B. The Château is set on a picturesque part of the Lake filled with super clean blue water, Alps in the background, flowers surrounding, and right on the extremely convenient bike path which runs along the entire lake.

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