Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lamb Jello?!

Yesterday afternoon, I was talking to Svenja, a 17 year old girl who lives down the street and watches the dogs for us when we travel. She recently got a job at a restaurant in the neighboring town (walking or biking distance away). She randomly asked if we could come eat at her restaurant. She is just so sweet and so sure, why not?! After telling us, It's Upper-Class and expensive for the region, she made us reservations at 7. Lots of places in Germany do NOT accept credit card, so we searched the house for cash, just in case since we knew it was going to be a little more expensive of a meal.. It is UPPER CLASS :) So we biked down the road to Grünhäuser Mühle in Mertesdorf (right on the bike path beside the pool), parked our bikes, and walked in. There was a Michelin sticker in the window.. hmm curious. We got excited for our meal!

Usually, Svenja just sets the tables, serves the drinks, serves the food, clears the table, etc.. bus girl.. but more, kind of? But in this case, her boss knew we were her friends so she was able to WAIT on us! This was a big deal. You could tell she was a little nervous. Cute. She did an excellent job and got our orders right :) We both had some local wine... of course, we are in wine country you know! Alex ordered the 5 course menu. I ordered an appetizer (upon Svenja's recommendation) and meal. But since we were Svenja's friends (I assume) the chef sent us extra "wishes" from the kitchen! What a nice touch!

Our first "wish from the kitchen." Umm, I don't know how you say it in German, but this was lamb jello. Weird, very weird. Being vegetarian, I only had a bite (I had to taste it!). It was super meaty tasting. A loved it. It was served with horseradish sauce. He ate both of ours... obviously!

A's Vorpeisen. SUPER DIFFERENT. Are you ready for it? Apple Curry Cream Soup. Yes, sounds weird. But it was a good weird. The more we ate it, the more we liked it.

Mein Vorspisen (appetizer). Salads with Shrimps. The Germans here REALLY know how to make a salad. Their dressing is always so much better than the dressing at home. The shrimp were smoky tasting, different, and the salad itself had tons of fruit on it! Yum!

Our second "wish from the kitchen." Homemade Sorbet served in Mirabellen liquor. Also delicious. More along the lines of dessert...

My main meal - Pfannkuchen.. basically a DELICIOUS vegetable crepe topped with Pfefferlingen Creme Sauce served with more veggies that were DELICOUSSSSS

Alex's Main Meal - Salat and Pasta with Salmon & Pfefferlingen - Nothing crazy

And then by dessert, I was off my game and DIDN'T take pictures. Can you believe it?! Homemade ice cream served with homemade meringue cookies, served with homemade cream topped with fruit flavored liquor. Not really MY cup of tea, but the presentation was nice.

Dinner was delicious. I just love Pfefferlingens, so anything with Pfefferlingen Cream Sauce wins in my book. Throughout the meal, A finished EVERYTHING on his place AND mine. He said how good it was and went so far as to LICK THE PLATES (haha jk), however after, he said, oh well, that was good. PSH. It was more than good when you were cleaning both plates!! Yes, it was German food, which is different, heavy, rich, not what we're used to (still!), but it was VERY good for German food. We were BOTH impressed, I am just the only one who's going to admit it after the fact. Either way, I'd go back AND take guests there who want a real German meal outside of schnitzel!

The Restaurant - Grünhäuser Mühle

By the way, what DOES the Michelin sticker mean if it is NOT Michelin rated? Just that it was considered?! I just google that! Who knows, maybe they just put that sticker up there for kicks!

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