Friday, October 21, 2011

Hungarian Cuisine... surprisingly delicious

On top of the AMAZINGLY delicious and CHEAP Hungarian food, we also ate out at some pretty fancy, Michelin rated restaurants.. again, for cheap! The first night we ate at a restaurant right by our apartment and had tuna steaks with safron risotto and cheese covered asparagus followed by the Hungarian digestif which was basically flavored grappa (nasty!). The last night we ate at another Michelin recommended restaurant, Mokka, and had a meal to die for - A few tapas, including carmaleized goose liver pate (which was surprisingly DELICIOUS), monk fish and king prawn wasabi lasagne, and red curry sword fish steak. MMM. Of course, each meal was eaten with a bottle or two of local Hungarian red wine. Before this trip, I didn't know how good their wine was!

Other local Hungarian cuisine we tried (that is not pictured below):

Somloi Galuska - sponge cake dumplings in chocolate suace with rum and whipped cream - just ok.
Reteds - strudels filled with cheese and poppy seeds

Other local Hungarian cuisine we DID NOT TRY and WILL NOT TRY:

Tokofozelek - Bone marrow filled with dill and sour cream - EW!

Kuros Kalacs - hollow/cylinder pastry topped with cinnamon and sugar.. or chocoloate.. or nuts.. or syrup.. or any goodness you can possibly think of! This was lunch one day! MMMMM. MUST TRY!

Hungarian woman making and selling Pogacsa, kind of like a pizza, but better... Both of our favorites! MUST TRY!

Goulosh, Hungarian Paprika, Hungarian Beer. Yes, the goulosh looks nasty, but it was good! MUST TRY!

Langos - MUST TRY!

Langos - basically fried dough topped with something - in this case, sour cream and cheese. AMAZING!

The last day, we ate at the Great Market Hall. This Market hall was pretty incredible! LOTS for sale - veggies, fruit, lunch, and even tourist items.

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