Thursday, October 20, 2011

Szentendre, Hungary: A Travel Recommendation

Before our Budapest trip, my friend Sally (you thought WE are major travellers?!) recommended we hit Szentendre, Hungary as well. She told me, Budapest is a big city and you don't get the 'Hungarian' feel while being there. So on day two, we took her advice and hopped the local train to Szentendre. The train was 2 euros, 40 minutes, and not sketchy.... definitely worth it (public transportation in general was DIRT cheap and easy!). From the train station, we walked to the city center and immediately appreciated the town. Sally hit it right on the nose -Szentendre is what you imagine of a Hungarian town, not Budapest. It was peaceful, no trafffic, no cars in the walkplatz, sunny, brightly painted, friendly people, quiet. We both immediately liked it better than Budapest (big cities just aren't our favorite I guess?). Not doing much research on Szentendre, we didn't know exactly what to do while there or if there was anything specific we needed to see, so we just leisurely walked around, took pictures, people watched, stopped for lunch (which cost about $2), stopped for beers (which cost about .50cents), and did nothing in particular but take in the views. It was a perfect afternoon - a great break from the hustle and bustle of big city Budapest. When we were done soaking in the sun, we walked back to the train station, hopped the next train back to Budapest, and wound up having a free ride!! We didn't have enough time to pre-buy our tickets back, so we were planning on buying them on the train by the man who check the tickets (don't do this ANYWHERE but Hungary - you get fined everywhere else!). When the man came around to check and sell tickets, A tried to pay, but his bill was too big. The guy didn't feel like making change, so we rode for free - ha! 2 euros on the way there, free on the way back... basically free both ways!

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