Thursday, December 29, 2011


One of our favorite German staples is Glühwein. Served only in the winter (it replaces local wine at the stands at festivals and markets), Glühwein is the German way of staying warm outside AND getting buzzed...which they do... virtually everyday (they are ALWAYS outside and ALWAYS drinking!). We drank our fair share at the Christmas Markets, but during a local Kasel festival, saw Svenja (one of the local wine maker's daughter) make it, so we decided to give it a go. We asked Svenja to ask her Dad for the recipe which he only kept 'in his head,' but wound up making a recipe we found online (the Germans measure a bit differently). It turned out DELICIOUS. Better than the Glühwein you buy at the Christmas Markets - much better in fact! Having Glühwein at Halloween/pumpkin carving weekend, Christmas, and New Years will become a tradition of ours, whether we're in Germany or the States.

A's first attempt at Glühwein - delicious! We've been hooked ever since!

Cute little Swiss stand at the Luxembourg Christmas market

Luxembourg's Christmas Market Boot

the start of the cute little Glühwein mugs from Christmas Markets we've visited. But we forgot to get on in Brussels, Bratislava, Munich, and Bernkastel! Oh well, a mini collection!

Glühwein Recipe:

1 Bottle of Wine
3/4c Water
3/4c Sugar
1t Ground Cinnamon
3/4t Ground Cloves
Juice of 2 Clementines or 1 orange

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