Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Porta Nigra

WE LOVE TRIER. Just love it. And with cities we love, we keep our eyes peeled for related art to purchase. We have a few of Blacksburg, Venice, Prague, Rovinj, etc. Trier is even more special to us because we've lived here for 3 years, so we have been looking at art portrying Trier.. for the whole three years... with no luck. Yes, there are a few pictures we've found, but nothing awesome, nothing that we were so in love with we had to buy. So on Christmas Day, we went into the city to take a picture of the most photographed thing in the city - Porta Nigra - with the idea that I would play with it in photo shop, try to make it more artsy, not just straight photo. Here is what we came up with that we liked... thinking of framing them and matting them in black or white, or both... And now I'm thinking we could take a few more pictures around town, the walkplatz, and the Kaiserthermen (more Roman ruins) and do the same sort of thing, place them in a 3-framer, or something like that..

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