Monday, February 4, 2013

Eating Our Way Through Chicago, Illinois

To celebrate our birthday (27 and 31!) we drove to Chicago for the weekend to eat and watch a few shows! It was freezing, but it was a greattttt trip. LOVED the city! There was so much to do - a very nice change from O-hio.

A picked out an amazingly delicious bagel place on our drive to Chicago - Bagel Fair in Indianapolis. Best bagels... ever?!

Chicago was freezing.... that's 1F not including the wind chill. -20F with the wind chill. And snow! Eek!

Soft pretzels with beer cheese sauce and spicy mustard at Emerald Loop for a quick snack and a soccer match!

One of the many stop at Intelligentsia - best coffee shop in Chicago. 

My Birthday Dinner at Graham Elliott Bistro - Seasonal Pickled Veggies and Almonds, Oysters, Beer and Cheese Risotto, Duck Confit and Fromage Blanc Flat Bread, and...

Diver Scallops in Vietnamense Broth with Sweet Potato dumplings. 10! This place gets at 10! 
The banana split is supposed to be awesome for dessert, but at this point we were much to full!

The Book of Mormon from the creators of South Park was ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS. Good choice, A!

A's Birthday Breakfast - More bagels at NYC Deli in Chicago

Drinking coffee and taking in the view in our awesome window seat @ Hotel Monaco in the Loop

 Before the snow

Had to try the famous deep dish pizza pie in Chicago. We ate at Giordano's, recommended by Ryan, a former Chicago-an. Delicious. Not like any other pizza we'd ever had. But good. Don't think I could eat this type of thing every time I wanted pizza, but good.

More coffee and King Crimson tea @ Intelligentsia

A's Birthday Dinner @ Trencherman - a Restaurant Week Participant. Started: Gnocchi with Ricotta Cream Sauce and Ham

Skate Wing with Yuzu and Bacon & Hake with toasted hazelnuts, melted leeks, and piquillo broth. Both were to die for.

Dessert at Trenchermen - Coffee Cake with Chai Tofu Ice Cream and Smoked Meringue - Different... veryyyy different!

Pig and Fig @ Pastoral - Only sandwiches, but A claimed this his favorite meal of the weekend.
Serrano Ham, Bleu Cheese, Greens, and Figs. Our last meal in Chicago.

Prosciutto Panino - Fresh French Bread, Prosciutto, Greens, Parmesan, and Fresh Cracked Pepper

27 and 31! 

Pastoral - An amazing Artisan Cheese and Wine Shop that also makes the most amazing sandwiches! GO!

Snowy Chicago - 'The Loop' - on our last day

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