Monday, March 18, 2013

key lime king!

Before we got to the Florida Keys, A was definitely most excited about the key lime pie extravaganza he was planning. Surprisingly, this excitement continued throughout the entire trip. Like a trooper (closet fatty) that he is, he managed to eat two different pieces of key lime pie a day, excluding the day we spent in Key West, where we he ate 3! 9. He ate 9 pieces of key lime pie. What an animal!

4 of the 8 pieces sampled

@ Mrs. Mac's - Biggest let down. This was our LAST piece and we thought it was going to the best...she did claim 'world's best.' 

@ Mattheessen's in Key West

@ Key Lime Pie Factory

And the winner is: 


It definitely had the best atmosphere... can you really beat key lime pie on a beautiful and barely occupied beach?! 

A thrilled with his first piece of key lime pie, which turned out to also be the best! 
Overall winner, factoring in atmosphere, weather, taste, garnishes, etc. 

What to Avoid: Deep Fried Key Lime Pie & Key Lime Pie on a stick. Everything else is a go!


  1. you look great casey! haha I love key lime pie and all those options look delicious!!!! ahh, I want pie now. thanks:)