Monday, December 7, 2009

Must Haves

While visiting us in Germany, you all must try the following:

Riesling (especially from the Scherf vineyard), beer (German and Belgian), cheese (preferably Dutch), chocolate (preferably Belgian), spatzle, gluhwein, French fries, Haribo, nutella, froop, federweisser, prosciutto sandwiches, gelato (my favorite is hazelnuss), apfel strudel mit gelato, Belgian beer, Pasta from Cosa Nova, doner kebab (I recommend klein, not gross), weiss wein und panoramatopf auf Piesport, Baren Treff Fruit-Snacks Erdbeer-Rhabarber, riebekuchen (potato pancakes dipped in apfelmus – MY ABSOLUTELY FAVORITE!), waffles (preferably Belgian), schoko croissant (from our bakery down the street), schoko twists, tomato-mozzarella Panini, kaffe auf Delikat Baguetteria mit almond cookie, nutella banana crepes, zweibel baguette (from the bakery down the street).

This list will continue to grow as we live here longer, eating more and more.

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