Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Traveler's Luck

While Alexander flew the United States again for work, my very best friend came to visit, again (twice in 6 months! I am one lucky girl! No, Mrs. Bhatta – she is NOT moving here… although I, of course, would love it!). We’re marking countries off of Bhatta’s list. This visit: Spain!

A few of the 23 pilots recommended Ibiza, Spain. I googled pictures and my heart was set. What a good choice it wound up being!

Bhatta flew into Dusseldorf, Germany, so we could fly out of the same location the next day. Of course the travel drama started with me picking her up from the airport. New airport this time, everyone that visits always flies into Frankfurt. I have Cassandra, the GPS, but besides her, I made the trek alone. 3.5 hours and many tears later (Cassandra said it would take only 2hrs), I made it to the airport. This is after lots of screaming at Cassandra, winding up in a packed football arena parking lot thinking it was the airport, getting flashed (the German way of giving speeding tickets – thank goodness I wasn’t on the phone, otherwise I would not have a license), and driving through a snow storm! But we made it! We stayed the night in a great hotel in Weeze, Germany, a cute German town with a cute Christmas market. The next day, our flight out to Ibiza.

Prior to Bhatta’s arrival, I checked Ibiza’s weather religiously. In the 2 months of checking, never once was there rain. When we got off the airplane, what did we see? Rain. Cool. That’s ok, we have almost 5 days. No worries.

We take a taxi from the airport to our “hotel,” and I use this term very loosely. Being the budget travelers that we are, Bhatta and I booked a hostel. Mistake. We were the ONLY people there, no staff on sight, no lock on the door, and the place was almost flooded because it was an “open” apartment (no ceilings accept in the rooms). We are both uncomfortable from the start, but decide to give it a go. That night we barricaded the door with a table and chairs. Yes, that is how sketch city this place was.

Our luck changed quickly, though! There was an internet cafĂ© down the street. We quickly booked a new hotel, which turned out to be a spectacular idea. One of the nicer hotels I’ve been to, ever. Great restaurant, huge room, spa, free entrance to their club, great bar in the hotel, and more. We could only have been happier if it stopped raining, which it did! Travelers luck.

We got to explore two of the main parts of Ibiza – Sant Antoni and Ibiza Town. Both gorgeous. The Dalt Villa, or old town, in Ibiza Town was definitely the favorite. Great views, crystal clear water, and great restaurants and bars. Overall, a perfect vacation! We had trouble leaving.

With Ibiza being so beautiful and us having such a good time, we of course had to made plans to go back. Quarter of a Century Birthday Party for Bhatta and I: April 2011. Ibiza here we come.. again!

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