Tuesday, December 8, 2009

zee Germans

As per request, by one of my favorite people in the world (Grandaddy Martin), a picture of "zee Germans." This picture was taken on Thanksgiving.

Svenja is on the left, called Sveni for short. She lives across the street and is best friend's with Jill.

Michaella is in the middle. My neighbor/landlord's wife.

Jill is on the right. She is Michaella and my landlord, Axel's daughter.

The two girls house sit/dog sit while we travel. It works out perfectly. They LOVE having the house to themselves (sometimes asking if we can go away for the weekend! haha!). They also LOVE to eat my American food! Their favorites are peanut butter, Honey-O's, Cinnamon Life, anything microwaveable, and marshmallows.

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