Sunday, January 3, 2010

An Austrian Excursion

While studying in Switzerland, I never made it to Austria, so the country ranked high on my list of places to go. Since Alex was on call for Christmas, we decided to make the trip over New Years. I booked a hotel in Salzburg for 3 nights, including New Years Eve, a Mozart concert in Salzburg, and then 2 more nights in Innsbruck. Great choices, if I do say so myself.

Salzburg is absolutely gorgeous, surrounded by snowy Alps, and filled with lots of must-see sights. The area was packed with Italian vacationers, a very nice change from our usual burly Germans. The Mozart dinner and concert in the Hohensalzburg Fortress finished off the trip perfectly. Our friends, the Krautheims, came with us and were a lot of fun!

On New Years Day we drove to Innsbruck, Austria, to meet two other friends, Andrea and Zach (a couple we met at Oktoberfest who are a ton of fun, but unfortunately live about 3 hrs. from Trier). Innsbruck is an adorable little ski town, also surrounded by picturesque snowy Alps. We took an awesome gondola ride for great views on the first day. Day two was spent skiing and drinking Austrian beer in Axams, Austria, with Zach and Andrea.

An all around good time had by all, so good that in fact, we planned a Martin Luther King long-weekend ski-vacation in Garmisch, Germany, with Zach, Andrea and all three of the pups!

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