Friday, January 8, 2010

Soon to be Deutsch

Eine deutsche Klasse fur die Frauen.

After exploring a few different options for learning German, I decided to sign up for a free class offered in downtown Trier. The class is offered twice a week, two hours a class, from January through July, for women only. Supposedly, the class mainly consists of Polish and Russian lower-income women, who moved here for work, but can't until they are fluent in German.

The only language spoken in the class is German (NO ENGLISH!), so it should be interesting!

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  1. hello!
    my name is Fernanda and i have a blog too, so when i clicked in trier your blog came up, and in one of your posts i saw that you sign up for a German language course in Trier, and i did too hahah so i wonder if is the same one?
    It was suppose to start on the 29th but it was cancel and now will start on the 5th.
    Sorry to bother you but now i'm a little bit excited to go since i can only speak Portuguese and English, so if is the same course that would be cool, to have someone that speak english too.