Wednesday, January 6, 2010

No Longer the ONLY Americans

We have a new neighbor!

Our house is one of the three cute little houses that share an outdoor area. There were Germans living in both of the other houses, one family being my landlord and his family, and the other being some crazy family that spoke not a word of English. Well, the crazies moved out and an American moved in! Funny story, though.

My landlord asked me to post the house online for possible AF residents. I did and got multiple responses. I did some detective work on the people asking about the house, just to see who I would, and would not, like as neighbors. Well, someone emailed me named Micael Nash. They were very interested in the house, especially because of it's close proximity to Trier. We emailed back and forth multiple times before they g-chatted me. We got to talking one night about Trier, the house, living here, neighbors, etc., when the person said, "hey, i'd love to meet you. Would you like to get coffee this Saturday morning?" Alex, at the time, was still in the U.S. and I'm thinking, hmm, do I really need to mention AGAIN that I'm married (at this point, I had dropped husband, I'm married, etc. multiple times - I mean, the person's name was MICAEL). I divert the question, start talking about something else. Then, Micael asks me the address and turns out, had already been shown the house by the real estate agent. So then, Micael asks, have many people looked at the house? Yes, I answer, a few, and a 24 year old girl saw it just this morning (my landlord told me - I never met the person seeing the house). Micael said, "Yea, that was me!" I respond, "WHAT?! Micael?! You're a girl?! Oh my gosh, I am SO sorry. I thought you were a guy and I TOTALLY was throwing 'husband' out there very other sentence and diverted the coffee question because I thought you were some creepster guy. YES, I would love to get coffee on Saturday (of course, this was 15 minutes AFTER she asked)."

We got coffee, she (not he) moved in, and yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have my first friend that is MY age!

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