Friday, March 19, 2010

Kasel Artze

On base, Alex cannot go anywhere without getting a, "hey doc, i have this itch," or "hey doc, thanks for yesterday," or "my kid's got this fever and..." Similarly, I always get the, "Aren't you Dr. Rapalje's wife?" This phenomenon has now spread beyond base and into Kasel-Trier.

Last week, Svenja was rollerblading (on skates without brakes!) and ran into a stone wall and then fell to the cement. Jill hurried back to our house and I went to pick her up. Svenja was hurting. After dropping her off, her Mom asked if Alex could stop by later and check it out. He did and sure enough, broken knee. Ouch.

News travels quickly.

After Svenja's knee incident, multiple Kasel residents have randomly started jibbering to both Alex and I in German about their medical problems. Our neighbor, Frau Scherf, who just go out of the krankenhaus (hospital), starting talking to us about her illness. Surprisingly, I understood most of what she said and translated to A (proud moment). Another neighbor asked about something for her daughter. And even my German teacher (who lives in Schweich, not Kasel) asked about Alex making house calls (not sure how she knows??)! HA! I think it's official, Alex is now Kasel's (only) doctor.

Poor Svenja in her knee brace

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