Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Step in the German Direction

On the way back from a recent road trip, we made a quick stop to use the pay toiletten. I paid 50 Euro Cents to wait in a lange line with a bunch of other women, who apparently had to go just as bad as Ich. About halb-way through my wait, the fraulein behind me decides to pull a German fast one on this all-zu-obvious American frau, and blatantly just steps in front of me. SERIOUSLY!?! The line-cutting has got to stop. I am just steaming. She obviously knows what she’s done. What to do, what to do… With the line being so lange (literally 30 people deep), I had plenty of time to strategize.

I wait until the very end of the line, when the fraulein is NEXT to use the toiletten. As soon as that last toilette door opens, I quickly step in front of the fraulein, while at the same time, stepping on her foot (no, not a proud moment) and proceed to enter and use the toilette.

Yes, I win. Successfully, I got the next stall used the bathroom before the fraulein who cut in front of me in line.

Sometimes, a step in the German direction requires stepping on the German.

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