Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New in Town

For my birthday, my Mom gave me the movie "New in Town." I put it in our movie drawer and completely forgot about it until yesterday. Well, last night, over my bowl of broccoli for dinner, I put it on.

HA HA HA! Yes, it is a chic-flic ending happily ever, but it reminds me so much of myself, being "New in Town."

For starters, the weather. Renee Z. goes from HOT Miami to FREEZING Minnesota overnight, completely unprepared. Let me remind you, we moved from HOT Biloxi to FREEZING Germany.. what a change (but I will admit, not QUITE as cold as I expected...not quite as cold as Minnesota apparently, so I'll count my blessings).

Second, the language barrier... no the Minnesota accent is not a foreign language, but at times throughout the movie she could hardly understand those around her, much less relate to them. Welcome to my life.

EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE knows who the new one in town is. Renee Z couldn't go anywhere without being recognized/spoken to/whispered about etc. Well, same goes for Alex and I (but especially me since I spend a lot more time around town). We are "THE" Americans in Kasel and everyone knows it. Good thing? Bad thing? Celebrity status?

All these similarities (not to mention the random German touches randomly thrown in throughout the movie) was meant for me to watch. Already 10 months in Germany, but as I was reminded last night, I'm still NEW IN TOWN.

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