Monday, April 26, 2010

tis the Season for Tulips

Just got back from a weekend trip to Holland. Saturday, we spent a few hours at Keukenhof Gardens, Holland. BEAUTIFUL (pictures below). Then we headed to the capital, den Haag, for the night. We both became a pretty big fan of den Haag - love the atmosphere, the food, being on bikes all the time, the beach, and more.. Pictures of den Haag to come.

Fun Fact about Keuekenhof Gardens, Holland: it is the World's Largest flower garden with 7 MILLION bulbs planted each year. WOW.

My absolute favorite part of Keuekenhof was the smell of the Hyacinth. They look nice, but MAN do they smell just amazing. I really wish I could bottle it up and take it home to share.

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