Monday, August 30, 2010

And the Award goes to...

Slingbox! for best invention for Americans living overseas.

Today, Mary and I spent an entire day in front of normal American up-to-date television and COMMERCIALS (which I NEVER knew I would miss!). The culprit? Slingbox!

Basically, you set up a TV in the States where someone doesn't watch/doesn't use it. SOMEHOW, magic waves are sent through the internet, to your computer overseas, where you can watch whatever is on TV in the States OR what you've DVRed! You can watch it on your computer OR hook it up to your TV! Isn't that just a fabulous idea? Especially with the crappy Armed Forces Network we are stuck with here in Europe.

And now, who wants to help us out and set up a Slingbox for us so we no longer have to suffer in front of ancient reruns and horrible military commercials?!

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