Saturday, August 21, 2010


Once upon a time, in a far away land called Wittlich, Germany, a village of people slept peacefully in their beds, for they knew their town was protected by a locked gate. One night, however, the key to the gate could not be found, so the night watchman stuck a carrot in the keyhole instead. Unfortunately, a little hungry pig came around and ate the carrot right out of the keyhole therefore opening the gate to all the enemies who came in and attacked the town. The pig was burned and the tradition continues.

In German, the tradition of burning the pigs is known as Wittlich Säubrennerkirmes. The Americans simply call it Pig Fest. Either way, the festival is packed with live music, good friends, good food & drinks (Pig sandwiches all around), and is held the third weekend of every August.

We had a great time going to Pig Fest last night. We grilled out before with a bunch of friends in Wittlich and walked over to listen to our favorite German cover band play, Chock-A-Block. While it goes on all weekend, one crazy night was enough. Bernkastel Wine Festival (my favorite of the local festivals) is held next weekend!

Oink Oink

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