Friday, September 17, 2010

Are You There, PETA? It's Me, Madrid

Cruel. Unusual. Unfair. Bloody. What am I talking about? A Spanish Bull Fight.

After hearing raves about how awesome a bull fight was, we bought tickets for the four of us to see a bull fight in Madrid. Mistake.

We spend the day in Toledo, but hurry back to get to Plaza de Toros, where the bull fight would be taking place. We're late. While we at first thing this is a big deal, after seeing the ongoing bull fight on the television at the bar in the Plaza, we soon realize this is not a big deal, not a big deal at all. Why? It was sick. ONE unarmed, sick bull armed with nothing but his own strength (or lack there of because they slowly injure him throughout the fight to make it easier on themselves) vs. 6 or so matadors (also known as cowards) armed with swords and sneak passage ways to escape the bulls if they get to close - not to mention, they don't just do this with ONE bull.. try lots.

For the 10 minutes we were there (we left early for NONE were entertained in the slightest - disgusted would be the better word), we all four rooted for the bull hoping he would horn one of the coward matadors and I managed to cry two or three times. Never again. Nor will I ever recommend anyone to attend a legit bull fight - it is nothing but a cruel, unfair fight for (too many) unfit bulls.

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