Tuesday, September 28, 2010


We recently took a trip to Stockholm, home of one of Europe's Absolut Ice Bars. While entrance was quite expensive and the temperature read -5C, we just had to go. Luckily, we all had beer blankets AND parkas (supplied by the bar), helping us to survive.

Turns out, the idea of the bar was very cool - everything was ice, including the cups and the bar, however, it was overpriced. The bar was small and like I said, -5C. I mean, how long do you want to stay at a bar if it's -5C, even if you pay a cover??? For us, about an hour, and that was pushing it. Glad we went once, but that kind of cold is just not for me. The Absolut Ice Bar was a one time thing.

In our parkas
Eskimo kisses

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