Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Now That's Dedication

It's that time of year again...College Football Season! With the time difference, we had a difficult time watching our games last year. Staying up all night just didn't work. Halfway through the first quarter, we'd both be out on the couch. This year, we have a new plan and so far (one game in), it's worked!

Go to bed at 8pm. Wake up at 2am, in time to watch the game. Drink coffee, tea, and eat homemade waffles soaked in sugar to keep us up! Back to bed at 5:30/6. Up at 6:30 to drive the license-less one to work. Well, that's how the schedule went this morning at least and it was perfect, minus the outcome of the game. We got to watch the entire, please don't mention the winner and/or score, game. At least we stayed up for a great game (minus the loss).

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