Friday, January 28, 2011

Alles gut zum Geborstag!

Happy (slightly early) Birthday to Me and to You! This year, I will be a quarter of a century old.. and Alex will be, well, old. Unfortunately, we will also be unable to spend birthdays together (yes, I thought holidays apart were enough, but they took away the birthdays too). I will be celebrating on a cruise ship with my friends in the Keys and the Bahamas, wishing my husband was with us, while he celebrates with a typical Afghan-day (work, gym, dining hall food, and a book).

My 20th - Farmhouse in C-Burg

My 21st in Switzerland - Bar in Lugano

A's Quarter of a Century - Benson, NC

Alex turns 26! But we told everyone he was 30 :) Sharkey's in Bburg

My 22nd! Sharkey's in Bburg

A is 26

Can't find 23 in Biloxi :( But I know that we ate Nathan's hotdogs for Alex's 27th and went fishing all day for my 23rd

My 24th! In Germany - a concert on base and dinner in Kyllburg

A turns 28 - Bowling party :)

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