Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Germany, sweet Germany

I've been in America since October. I've found I miss the vineyards, my neighbors, German beer, German riesling, the bakery down the street, the fresh market, not being able to ease drop/understand other conversations, gelato, everything being closed on Sundays, my German class, traveling over the weekends, planning my future travels, cooking dinner with my hubby every night, Cosa Nova, driving with no speed limit, my house, my town, public transportation, sitting on the courtyard or on the deck, biking everywhere, everyone else biking everywhere, recycling, windmills, the lack of trash, the lack of the obese, everyone being environmentally friendly, Froop, German chocolate, amazing cheese especially Dutch kase, Trier, being within short driving distance of Luxemburg and Belgium and the Netherlands and Paris, dogs being anywhere and everywhere, Axel in his speedo (oh wait.. not at all), kiddos running around everywhere after 1, my iPhone being in German, castles everywhere, Bernkasel, history everywhere, taking pictures of beautiful Europe, chocolate croissants, and (of course) mein Mann.

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