Tuesday, May 17, 2011

bye bye boring blog...

... it's travel time!

I can't believe it's tomorrow... I leave tomorrow.. wow.

Well, the 7 months (for me) have flown by. Today was my last day at work... and my gym membership ran out... and I finally started to pack. I am SO excited to see Alex and travel again. However, I am super super sad about leaving Brett and Ali, again. It has been so awesome to see them play sports, be here when they get home from school, and just be involved again. I will really really really miss that. I will also miss my dogs for the 3 months that I have to leave them in America.

After living in Germany for two years and coming back to America for 7 months, I have found very few American things I miss besides people. Living in Germany cured me of Target, Wal-Mart, big crowds, fat people, fast food, slow speed limits, and more. I will, however, really miss my American friends and family.

BUT I do have some awesome things to look forward to, including a 10 day trip to Ireland, a 5 day trip to Portugal, an anniversary trip (to Croatia, Greece, or Southern France?), and lots of visitors (Emily & james in August, Hannah & John in September, Ethan & Kathryn in October/November, Jesse & Shannon in December)!!!!

I have a good life. No complaints (other than I wish I could transport everyone I love in America to Germany!).

Reunited so very soon!

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