Thursday, May 19, 2011

German Version of Words with Friends?

So of course, right when I show up in my house, the two 16 year old girls that live by me IMMEDIATELY came over to talk, hang out, catch up, see if I have any green soda, etc. Now they both have iPhones or iPod touches, so I had them download 'Words with Friends,' aka pass it back and forth Scrabble (LOVE that game!). It is absolutely hilarious to play with two people whose second language is English. They were whispering back and forth, trying to come up with a good word, so funny. During this game, they kept talking about 'chefs.' I was like wow, you know a lot of chefs. Turns out, chef = boss. Good to know. Also, they tried to play the word "played" and spelled it "plaid." They started CRACKING up because they forgot how to spell 'played' and then thought they had invented the word 'plaid.' Try explaining to 2 ESL 16 year old girls what plaid is... funny. Seeing them play English Scrabble, even funnier!


  1. Isn't there a Words with Friends in German? I guess it would be Worten mit Freunds. I have a German friend who struggkes with playing the game in English. It would be nice if he could play in German with his German friends. Surely SOMEONE smart could devise a German version.