Friday, July 29, 2011


I just love summers in Germany! For one, we get to travel.. A LOT! But also because the weather is PERFECT and everyone is outside taking advantage of it! In the name of Sommer, we got new flowers for the house, new flowers for the deck, and a new propane tank for the patio heater (which is MONEEYYYY on cool nights... which are every night). I have also been competing in the daily battle of blackberry picking with the rest of the Kasel-ites. Yesterday was my second showing and I picked a TON... enough for a homemade blackberry pie.. which was absolutely delicious... I mean delicious.
I spend my mornings.. and afternoons really, on the porch with a good cup of Mill Mountain coffee, some blackberries (which are now served for breakfast, lunch, dinner, & dessert!) and a book (currently reading the Sookie Stackhouse Series - Mom, tell Mrs. Henderson I am addicted!).

In other Rapalje news, we have visitors coming on Monday (Andrew, my cousin, and Stacey, his girlfriend) for the week, and over the weekend, I get to watch Erin & Sean's girls while they take their very first European Vacation to Belgium (I am SO excited for them.. and to watch the girls!!). We also have an upcoming trip planned to Rovinj, Croatia (Not Dubrovnik, my #1 dream vacay.. we're saving that for Brad & Anna!) and I just bought tickets to visit Budapest (but not til October - I got a steal of a deal and just couldn't resist). I do, however, REALLY miss my dogs and am looking forward to bringing them back in less than 2 months!!

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