Saturday, July 16, 2011

Stonehenge, England: A Travel Recommendation

Stonehenge lived up to the hype.... and there is definitely some hype. While it does cost anywhere from 6-8 pounds/person (discounts for military and students - cha ching), you do get a free audio guide to listen to while walking around the gorgeous landscape. While much is unknown about Stonehenge, there is more information available than I initially thought and lots of interesting myths as well. Of course, our perfect weather (yes, in ENGLAND!) also contributed to my amazement. SO glad I went. Now, just have to get A there!

One of the very few pictures I took of Stone Henge. Of course, I made the mistake of not taking my nice camera (what was I thinking?!) and regretted it. My little camera died. BUT Macey did get more photos so I will steal them just as soon as she gets home!!

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