Monday, July 16, 2012

Bosnia?! Why are you going to Bosnia?!

When I say Bosnia and Herzegovina, be honest, do you picture this...?

"Attention! Dangerous Ruins!"

Can't tell what I'm shooting at? Here, let me help...

And this... Yep, those are bullet holes.

Or do you picture something like this??

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina - a view of the Neretva River and the Crooked Bridge

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

I can take absolutely no credit, zero, for choosing to go to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Shanna threw that idea out there. And when she said Mostar, I of course, immediately google-searched it and saw the famous Crooked Bridge. From there, I was sold. But according to google images, the Crooked Bridge is all the town had to offer. Well, that's simply not true. The bridge is, as you can see, picturesque. The river is an unbelievable color of blue that the pictures just do not do justice to. But the town itself is also worth seeing. Yes, there are bullet holes throughout many of the buildings surrounding the Old Town, and you have to walk by those buildings (it's actually interesting to see the war damage still visible), but Old Town itself seems like any other historic 'Old Town Center' you may visit in any other city in Europe. Markets line the streets. Tourists walk around taking pictures. Tour guides give the history. People eating ice cream. Mostar was great, just great. I'm so glad we added it to our last European hoorah itinerary (until we live there again, of course)!

(More pictures to come, of course! I took a million!)

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