Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ohio v. Biloxi: Who will win the battle of worst places to live??

Yes, Ohio is this boring that I am having to tell you about menial things like Kroger and closets. Oh, what has become of my life?
For instance, here is a piece of cheese... to be specific, a chunk of three year aged Gouda which was to die for. Kroger might be my only saving grace in this town. I know, I know, Kroger. But to go from these awesome European grocery stores, I thought I would never find another grocery I enjoyed shopping at. Well, this is no European grocery store, but it's not Wal-Mart either (thank God).  They have quite the cheese selection. So much so that I almost got lost in it yesterday. I came out with this chunk of aged Gouda, one of my favorites. Expensive? Yes. Delicious. Yes. 

 So, I compare a lot of things to Europe... in my head, out loud, on the blog, everyday, everywhere. I just can't help it. So let's do this again. Closets. We had none, no really, not one single closet in Germany. We lived like this for 3 years. It was a shock at first, but we worked it out. Now, we move to (I'm not even going to say it out loud, you know where live, sad face) ____, and we have 6. 6 closets. Well, that's nice. Of course, we won't have that many in Baltimore so we shouldn't get tooo used to it. But I'll take it for the 11 months that we are here. But beyond that, look at these freaking closets. Yes, they're fine, nice and big (these are the two in the bedrooms), but there are NO CLOSET DOORS! WHY?! Why do this to me? The other four have doors, thankfully. But the ones in the bedrooms, no. Again I ask, why? I love the space, don't get me wrong, but I don't want anyone to SEE what's behind the closet doors. Not because I'm a slob kebab (ahem, Alex), but because I'm slightly OCD about this kind of thing. It looks baaad, just baaad when you can see in the closet, see all the crap, whether it's organized or not. Why do this to me?

And now, I'll try to be more positive. So here's the sunroom. No it's not anything super special, but I like it....and I won't get bugbites in here, so that's a plus. In case you're wondering, I currently have 12.. 12 freaking bugbites. Oh America. Geez. I miss bug-free Germany. Seriously.

Seriously, this is how boring we are... we like our fridge. It's nice. And we have filled it with the essentials: beer, sushi, and water. FYI, the water in Ohio tastes like milk. It's that bad. Sick. 

I don't hate the pink tile as much as I thought I would.. but these tiles (above, right), yes, yes I do. Even more than I thought I could. Who, I repeat, WHO would do such a thing? 

Our temporary set up (above and below).... a stolen futon from my Mom's. This serves as both our couch and bed. And our old tiny outdoor bistro set from Biloxi, serving as our dining room table! It maybe not be pretty, but it works!

I have quite enjoyed going through all our stuff that was delivered from storage in Biloxi.. Haven't seen this crap in over 3 years. Of course, we don't really NEED any of it, but it's fun to look through. The living room, as you can see, is filled with crap that needs to be sorted through, my job for the next few days. While sorting, I have found lots of old pictures, like the one above of Brett and Ali when they were all little and cute :) Awww.

This place is dog central. No, not like Germany. But still. One on side, we have a family of 6 and that's not including their 4 dogs. Above is one of their 4 dogs, Bud, a super sweet Rot. He is constantly running along the fence between our yards wanting to play with B&R. He's jealous of all the ball playing we do. Behind us is another dog, a bit of a barker. And one of other side of us, two rat dogs which leave us alone, thankfully.

Our absolutely hideous counter tops (above) and heinous floors in the kitchen (left). The dogs do love the kitchen... the only relief from this scorching miserable heat in all of the house.
My last and final saving grace in O: my Sodastream. OMG. Lifesaver. I love sprudel way to much to give it up, but at American prices, that would have had to happen. Luckily, A saved the day and bought me a soda stream. I can have as much sprudel as I want.. and make it as fizzy as I want. And it's kinda fun to make! 

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