Monday, July 23, 2012

Zaton Bay, Croatia

A view of the Zaton Bay. Beautiful. 

Self-portrait mode. 

Sunset on the Bay.

Picking me up in the kayak!

This is what we did...almost everyday. Rough life. Send us back!

The guys just drooled over this sailboat. 

A day of kayaking around the Bay and Sea.

Views from the kayak.

The boat... again. Lord, you should see how many pictures A took of this thing!

Porch view.

There's that sailboat again!

Crab catching in the morning on the Bay. 

 So, I'm not a cat person. But this cat was definitely our Zaton Bay mascot. He knew exactly when meal time was. He showed up at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.... at our apartment AND the Brits who stayed beside us.

How cute is he? He just laid in this planter, waiting patiently. 
If I had to have a cat, this would be the one. It is tempting actually. 

The cat also loved the sail boat. 

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