Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bagels in Germany

How do you say Bagel auf Deutsch? Bagel. But with a funny accent.

Bagels are not a global phenomenon. Bagels are particularly absent in the great country of GERMANY. Bakeries are another story... you can find one on every corner of every street, but they do not serve bagels.

I love bagels. I blame Mill Mountain for that. Bagels are my fav breakfast. I know they're bad for you. I don't care. Europe was actually good for my bagel habit.. that is until I found Coffee Fellows, a cute little coffee shop that served wonderfully fresh and delicious bagels. On the weekends we weren't traveling (a rare occassion), we'd head over on Saturday morning with the dogs (because it's dog friendly!) for breakfast. I'd also head over to Coffee Fellows after my German class since it was right around the corner. At CF, you can get any kind of bagel with any kind of cream cheese OR a bagel sandwich. Our standard was: 1 everything bagel toasted with cream cheese and 1 Serrano Bagel Sandwich on an Asiago bagel which was topped with cream cheese, prosciutto, arugula, parmesan, and this thick balsalmic cream dressing. We'd split and split - halfsies, sometimes... 

Surprisingly, there's also a second bagel place in Trier called 'the Bagel Sisters.' It is WAY off the beaten path. I made an effort to go there one more and was completely disappointed. Terrible atmosphere and the bagels were just eh. Stick with Coffee Fellows. 

P.S. I just looked at the coffee fellows website below. The seasonal special right now is a big piece of fried pork steak on a bagel topped with sauerkraut and lettuce and mayonnaise... they call it the Bayern Bagel. How very German of them... 

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