Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Columbus Microbrew Festival

On Sunday, we were driving back from Pittsburgh to Dayton. Sad just to think about really, but it had to be done. Both of us decided that since it was nice out, we would stop in Columbus to eat. We were both considering going to Minico's (A's Aunt's former pizza place), but opted for a brewery instead (Barley's Brewery something or another). Anything really besides the restaurants in Dayton. We get there, park, and see something going on a block behind the place, so we decide to check it out. Turns out there is this AWESOME place called North Market and there was a Microbrew Festival going on! What luck! For $20, you get entrace to the festival, an awesome glass, 10 tickets to use for beer tasting (5 oz = 1 ticket), and a $5 coupon to use inside the North Market. What a deal! We could not resist. So we spent our Sunday afternoon eating and drinking, the usual. 

North Market is basically an inside, gourmet, trumped up farmers market. Yes, you can find local fruits, vegetables, meats, cheese etc, (which alone would impress me!), but they also have stands set up by local restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, and more. You can drink a local beer, eat a locally make pretzel (these were to die for and reminded me of zee homeland!), while at the same time grocery shop for the week, and then have sushi for dinner.. in the market! It's quite glorious. Dayton, what in the world are YOU doing?! 

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