Thursday, September 27, 2012


I really miss the dog friendliness of Germany. We took the dogs so many places and were thought highly of by the Germans because of our companions. 

Dogs waiting alone outside the bakery..

...and at the grocery store..

...dogs in the city (even allowed in the stores!)...

...and on a train.

Dogs on the path...

...dogs at restaurants...

...gelato stands...

...and even wine fests!

While they are pictured here with leashes, they were more often than not without their collars and leashes.  That freedom was really good for them.. and us. And now that we're in America, what do we do? Leave them in a fenced in yard when we leave... never take them with us. They still get attention, we play ball 24/7, but we don't walk them nearly as much....or at all. Germany? At least 4x/day. The walk was for them AND us - the scenery was stunning. Here? Umm not really trying to look at the same neighbors' houses and yards everyday. See what I mean? Stunning.

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