Monday, March 25, 2013

Eating in Chicago: Part Two

We started this weekend off right... by leaving the great state of Ohio!
Matt and Laura were in Chicago for a conference and since our trip to Hawaii to visit them was canceled, we decided to visit them while they were close!

Just like our last trip to Chicago, we spent the majority of the time eating our way through the city. I was not quite as good about taking pictures though. 

Night 1: The four of us ate at Le Colonial, a French Vietnamese place recommended by some of Laura's friends. The anticipation was high, so for me, it was a bit of a let down. It was just eh. After, we went to meet some of Matt's co-workers at Hubbard Inn, a bar. Mind you, it was 11pm in Chicago (midnight our time). I am also 27 weeks pregnant. We got there to find a LINE of people waiting to be let in. It was below 20F. Yea, not my cup of tea. Matt tried to schmooze his way to the front of the line by dropping the whole military line. It didn't work... not until we mentioned there was a baby on board did we get let in! Go Gray! The 4 of us bypassed the line and went right in. I ordered water (surprise) and was not so pleasantly surprised after taking a huge gulp and finding out the hard way I was given a vodka water! Quite comical.

Morning 1: A and I woke up early (scratch that, I woke up early, starved, and made A get up) and walked to the Corner Bakery for breakfast number 1 (yes, these days, I eat multiple breakfasts.. shut it!). It was just eh, but held me over til the real deal. After Matt and Laura got up, we walked to brunch at Little Goat. Both A and Laura heard it was good. And it was was. So, so different. But good. I'm glad we went. However, if we lived in Chicago, it would not be a place I regularly go. During our hour long wait (it was THAT popular), we went to Haymarket Pub & Brewery for drinks. When our table was finally ready at Little Goat, we ordered some crazy stuff including the ooey gooey cinnabun (not ooey or gooey enough for my liking), bull's eye french toast (w/crispy chicken, sweet onion brioche, and bbq maple syrup), shrimp and grumpy goat grits (w/braised pistachios and brussel sprouts), and the fried pickle (w/hummus, roasted red peppers, prairie fruits goat cheese, naan, tzatziki). The menu also has crazy stuff such as waffles with bananas, peanut butter butter, and bacon maple syrup, crumpets with chorizo maple syrup, and much, much more. It was a novelty. A one time stop for me, not a regualr weekend brunch spot. But I'm glad we went. We have been dying to eat dinner at Girl and the Goat, a sister restaurant just across the street, but it books up months in advance. boo.

Afternoon 1: We headed 4 miles outside of the city for 'the best' Chicago deep dish pizza at Pequod's. Last visit, we visited Giordano's, as recommended by our friend who lived for years in the city. He did not recommend Pequod's. But he should have. This deep dish pizza was AWESOME. One million times better than Giordano's. Turns out, he used to work there though... and didn't recommend it. hmm. I've decided not to inquire any further.

Night 2: I made reservations at MK Chicago, a restaurant I read about on Epicurious. While my pictures stink, the food was amazing. I had the skatewing with hollandaise, spinach, and sunchokes (have I mentioned that I LOVE SKATE. This is something you have to try!). A had the veal with leaks, trumpet mushrooms, and a balsalmic sauce. Laura had the whitefish & lobster with roasted bell peppers, scallions, sourdough croutons, and lobster broth. Matt was a disgrace and ordered the chicken... which is too boring to describe. We also had brussel sprouts and TRUFFLE FRIES. Have you ever had truffle fries?! This was my second time and they were different, but just as good as the first. Truffles, mmmm. After, we headed to Clark Street Ale House, a bar I found halfway between our hotel and MK. It had a huge selection of beers so the boys went nuts. Funny pregnant thing #2 happened here. The entire weekend, we noticed all the bars were basically sausage parties, meaning ALL MEN. We also noticed this last Chicago trip. Well, we got to Clark St. and I was holding a table while the three drinkers could order. I got asked (again, almost 7 months pregnant), to join this table of a few guys for a drink. I thought, my God, you must really be desperate if you're asking the pregnant girl to join you. Turns out, they were. Next broad that walked by, the waitress, was then asked the same thing. She, however, said yes, and got a free beer out of the deal. 

Morning 2: We skipped breakfast and instead went for an early lunch at Pastoral, an awesome spot I discovered last time with honestly the best sandwiches we've ever had. We took them to go and drove home to watch basketball and beat the snow storm. Of course, we had to stop and stock up at Bagel Fair in Indianapolis since there are NO BAGEL SHOPS in Dayton (what in the world)!

Ahh Chicago - we really, really, love you.

Home agani, home again.. with a bit of snow... 

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