Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Ascension Day

I woke up this morning to complete silence. Kasel is almost always silent, but recently with the workers being here finishing the outside area, we've had consistent construction noise.

EVERYONE in Kasel is home (minus Alex of course), rouladens still pulled, still sleeping I presume, and the town is dead.

I had big plans to book my cousin's ticket over here, go to the market for dinner stuff, go to Hela (Home Depot-esqe) for plants, go to my German pilates class, get gas, go to the gym, etc. All that came to a halt when I realized, hm, it's silent outside, where are the workers?

The Germans take their holidays serious and with today being "The Ascension Day," EVERYTHING in Germany will be closed all weekend - no groceries open, no gyms, no travel agents, no workers here, no nothing. Kind of a nice thought, no one doing anything on holidays minus spending time with family (except for the fact that I put errands off until TODAY and now it is physically impossible for me to do them! WHOOPS! Also, not so sure what I can make for dinner, seeing as I haven't gone to the store in a week). Nevertheless, a very nice idea. Again, America should take some pointers.

Assuming there are no interruptions because of the volcanic ash cloud, Alex should be (fingers crossed) home tomorrow. I leave for Sardegna on Sunday, and my cousin Andrew will be here on Wednesday/Thursday! Good stuff.

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