Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Travel Tips: Burgundy, France

As you know, I went on a girls weekend trip to Burgundy, France. Well, we had a GREAT time, just great. Everything worked out perfectly. And since Micael and Sarah work all the time, I wound up planning and picking everything out before we went.. which made me think, man, I did a good job :) So from now on, after a trip, I'm going to post some travel tips for the area. Who knows when they may come in handy! (Burgundy, France is one trip I would recommend to just about anyone - and it's an easy, only 4 hour trip from our house!)

Hotel: Le Montrachet - outside of the city, but in a VERY cute town of it's own. Only stay here if you have a car

Must See Places in the Area via Car: La Rochepot (cute town with a castle - should be the first stop from le Montrachet), Orches (cute town on the cliffs, great view), St. Romain, Chateau visit (either Pommard, Mersault, or both!), the 'big' city of Beaune (the big city of the area with shopping, restaurants, and different wine tasting venues), finally, Clos de Vougeout (castle - cute picturesque town).

Chateaus: Mersault or Pommard. Mersault is a do-it-yourself wine tour. The hotel of Le Montrachet gives their visitors a free pass and tasting at this chateau (yeaaa!!!). At the end of the self-led tour, you taste 15 wines (AND pour them yourself!). Pommard is a guide-led tour. It costs to get in (only about 15euro). This is better if you want to ask questions about the wine.

Restaurants/Foods: the restaurant at Le Montrachet hotel is AMAZING. Yes, very pricey, but I HIGHLY recommend ordering the 10 or 12 course meal and some local wine. Must have french foods include: formaggi plate (cheese plate) with random local cheeses (my favorite was a local ashe covered cheese - sounds gross, tastes fabulous), coffee, quiche, ham/cheese baguette (this comes on an ENTIRE baguette - be hungry!), croissants

France Must Know: bathrooms are free! people are NOT mean like everyone says! very nice, very helpful, ask for suggestions. Tolls on the Autobahn are RIDICULOUSLY expensive - keep cash on you! Credit cards MUCH more widely accepted than Germany.

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