Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Miss Popular...

Riva, that is.

Key phrase: Mein Hund ist Laufig (pronounced: loy-fush). Meaning? My dog is in heat. Maybe I also should've learned, my dog is the neighborhood ho.

After her first heat cycle, we said, "Lord have mercy this is a pain. Never ever again." Well, 4-6 monaten goes by faster than you would think. We forgot to make an appointment to get her fixed and now I'm back to fending off random hunde from Kasel, but also the two neighboring towns. A whining Sky (our neighbor's dog) is a constant fixture on our deck steps, just begging for Riva to come out and play, and by play, I mean hump. This morning, 6am, some random dog (picture below - although not a good one, you can imagine how low my patience was at 6am with some random, horny dog), barking and pacing on MY deck. And on our walk, she was attacked (although she liked it) by two other random dogs who followed us ALL the way home! After 5 minutes of telling them NO, GO, I realized, oh, they speak German. I started saying, NEIN, but they were just too infatuated with Ms. Popular.

Believe me when I say, Never, Ever Again.

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