Friday, May 21, 2010

Travel Busy

This month has been a fun-filled travel month for both of us, but not necessarily with trips we've made together.

After nasty Polish weather, F-16 'incidents,' and a volcano that just didn't want anyone to go anywhere, Alexander has finally made it back from Poland. While there was supposed to be many many flights over the course of two and a half weeks, only one took place and he was not in it. Bummer. But hey, he got to see Poland and have some man time with a bunch of his F-16 buddies.

While he was gone, I took two different girls trips - one to Burgundy, France (as you already know) and the other to Sardegna, Italy (AGAIN!). Both were fabulous. I was unsure about going to Sardegna again, but turns out, I made the right decision. This trip we did completely different things than last trip. Instead of renting a car and driving up the coast (as suggested by National Geographic), we laid on the beach all day/everyday. Fabulous (minus the RIDICULOUS sunburn I got on my stomach, which had not seen the sunlight in 9+ months). I got back on Wednesday, just in time for my cousin Andrew and his friend to arrive. Trier was a mere layover on their extended vacation to Paris/Germany/Switzerland/Italy/Greece (lucky dogs!). I showed them around the city, introduced them to Belgian beer, had dinner at my favorite restaurant, etc. A quick trip, but very nice.

Morgen (tomorrow) Alex and I head to Prague until Monday! Finally, a trip together to a city neither of us have been before! Should be a good time. In the mean time, expect a Sardinian travel recommendation and pictures!

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